Amy Bishop Optometrist
Amy Bishop - Donates Glasses and Eye Exams

Amy Bishop, Optometrist in Texas, Donates Glasses and Eye Exams to Community Members in Need

Gift of Sight to Low-Income Families and Individuals Graciously Provided by Amy Bishop, Optometrist

Amy Bishop OptometristAmy Bishop, Optometrist, created the nonprofit organization Free 2 See to offer free eye exams and glasses to those in need. Amy Bishop, Optometrist in Childress, Texas, said this cause is important to her after 25 years in private practice.

“In my decades as an optometrist, I have seen many people who do not have insurance and find it difficult or impossible to afford regular eye exams and the glasses they need,” said Amy Bishop, Optometrist. Even those with diabetes, glaucoma or who are taking high-risk medications can qualify for free services with the Free 2 See program, she said. Reports are provided to your physician if you fall under one of those categories.

The comprehensive exams provided by Amy Bishop, Optometrist utilize the latest technology, such as panoramic retinal imaging and prescription eyewear.

Amy Bishop, Optometrist also works closely with area schools to provide for children there who do not have funds available to them to have proper eye care. It is not only children who are able to benefit from Free 2 See, however. Senior citizens are often in need of these services since they are unable to purchase new eyeglasses to accommodate their changes in vision, said Amy Bishop, Optometrist.

Amy Bishop, Optometrist said creating Free 2 See has been enormously fulfilling. “It is heartwarming to give back to the community in this way,” she said. “Having proper eye care and a correct prescription is vital, whether or not someone has insurance or available funds.” She feels grateful to be able to provide them with free care in this way.

Currently, Amy Bishop’s Optometrist office Family Eye Care in Childress, Texas, donates 10 to 15 pairs of glasses a month to those in need. However, this number may increase as the need arises.

Amy Bishop, Optometrist practices at Family Eye Care in Childress. She provides exams, diagnoses and treats all disorders that affect the eyes or vision. She also works to keep up on the latest advances in eye health and vision care. She attends regular continuing education seminars and advanced training courses, dedicating herself to ensuring her patients receive the most modern, progressive vision care possible.

To learn more about Free 2 See, visit or call 940-937-2015 for an appointment and to find out if you qualify for free eye care.

Amy Bishop - Helps Horses See the Light

Amy Bishop, Optometrist in Texas, Helps Horses See the Light, Find Good Homes

Horses Bound for Slaughter Rescued and Placed in Homes by Amy Bishop, Optometrist

Amy Bishop OptometristAmy Bishop, Optometrist in Childress, Texas, does far more than help people with their vision. She also has a passion for rescuing horses, which she sees as her way of giving back to the community for their support of her since she began practicing optometry in 1994.

“I have practiced optometry in my hometown of Childress, Texas, for more than two decades,” said Amy Bishop, Optometrist. “I found this way of giving back and doing something I love. Animal welfare and advocacy have always been important to me.”

Amy Bishop, the Optometrist, rescues horses bound for slaughter in Mexico. According to the Animal Welfare Institute, in 2016 more than 17,000 United States horses are sent to slaughter in Mexico every year. Slaughtering horses in the United States became illegal in 2007, but these American horses are still shipped to Mexico and Canada and slaughtered for human consumption abroad, the Animal Welfare Institute states.

When Amy Bishop, Optometrist in Texas, learned about these statistics, she was horrified. She did something most people could not, and started a horse rescue. She rescues horses and finds forever homes for them, and has horses available for adoption at all times. She is a registered American Quarter Horse and Texas Longhorn breeder, with memberships with Texas Longhorn Breeder Association and American Quarter Horse Association.

According to the Animal Welfare Institute, 92% of horses arriving at slaughter plants in recent years were deemed to be in good condition. “The horse slaughter industry makes a greater profit off of healthy horses and therefore purposefully seeks out such animals,” the Animal Welfare Institute explains.

Amy Bishop, Optometrist for 25 years, has been recognized by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals as a Leading Physician of the World in 2017. She owns Family Eye Care in Childress, where she provides emergency eye care and postoperative care. She provides treatment for glaucoma, dry eyes and pediatric eye conditions. Additionally, she treats patients in Oak Cliff part-time and will open a new practice in Bishop Arts in Dallas this fall. Amy Bishop, Optometrist who graduated from the University of Houston with her medical degree in 1994, is affiliated with many hospitals in Texas.

Focusing on her love of livestock and rescuing horses has given Amy Bishop, Optometrist an outlet outside work to express herself and do good. “Seeing how happy people are when they adopt one of these horses into a forever home makes it so worthwhile,” she said.