Amy Bishop Optometrist

About Amy Bishop Optometrist

A graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry, Amy Bishop Optometrist serves as an optometrist at TSO Bishop Arts in Dallas, Texas.

As an experienced optometrist, she leads a patient-centered practice where patients can obtain an evaluation to determine the type of vision correction required. In serving patients, Amy Bishop Optometrist also recommends the appropriate form of corrective devices, taking into account such factors as eye dryness, recurring eye infections, and allergies.

Amy Bishop Optometrist also treats patients at Family Eye Care in Childress, Texas, which she has owned for more than 20 years.

She conducts a full range of assessments, including diabetic eye examinations, diagnosis of ocular disease, and Plaquenil toxicity screening.

Also helping patients manage a variety of eye conditions, she has experience with amblyopia, ocular disease, keratoconus, and diplopia.

Active in Amy Bishop Optometrist's professional community, Dr. Bishop maintains membership in the Texas Optometric Association and the American Optometric Association.

She also has contributed to academia, having served as a guest lecturer on ocular nutrition to prevent progression of macular degeneration at the Texas Tech Health Science Center.

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  • Residence Childress, TX